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Posts from — August 2008

Dings: Flower Ornaments

Google tells me some foks have landed to our bloggy in search of flourishes. Welcome y’all! I certainly don’t wanna disappoint you guys, so here’s some Flower Ornaments from dafont.com. Lovely and best of all free!

Enjoy and happy Labor Day long weekend, everyone!

August 30, 2008   1 Comment

Leaf Tag Templates

I don’t think one can ever go wrong with edible favors/place cards. Any small fruit (like the pears below) can be used to hold charming leaf tags. Just punch them with holes and tie in place with ribbon or twine. Easy enough to do on a TV night. All you need is a leaf die-cut or puncher available from most craft stores.

Or if you like doing it the old-fashioned way, you can download Aylee’s template and cut away!

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August 29, 2008   5 Comments

Mygazines: Free Magazines Online

Hmmm, I don’t know for how long but this is certainly BIG news to me! Did you know you can now read your favorite magazines online for FREE at Mygazines.com? It’s a new sharing site with a Flash-driven collection of popular magazines (Martha Stewart, Brides, etc.) scanned and submitted by its users. I like the virtual interface that’s so easy to use. Of course, publishers are already attempting to sue this Napster of magazines. But intellectual property misappropriation or not, I say let’s enjoy it while it’s hot, shall we? And no, this is not a paid post :)

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August 28, 2008   5 Comments

Lined Envelopes

In the past, when wedding invitations are sent out, a piece of paper tissue is usually placed on top of the card so that the ink used for writing (yes, invitations were handwritten!) will not get smudged. Nowadays, this custom is still being practiced via envelopes that you can now buy lined. But DIY queens that we are, we of course had to line our envelopes using our choice of pretty paper. Because we do not want plain, old boring envelopes lined with just silver or gold paper, do we?

lined envelopes

Envelope liners are one of the ways you can incorporate a color motif or theme. There’s so much decorative paper out there to choose from. You can either use ordinary wrapping paper or any scrapbooking paper that catches your eye.

A damask print for a vintage themed wedding (how can we not love this?)

indian damask

A Japanese themed wedding

katazome paper

brown bamboo chiyogami paper

A beach wedding
indian coral

To make an envelope liner, you can either use a template kit like this one from Paper-Source or create your own by tracing your envelope. You’d then want to reduce the width by about 1/4″. This allows it to slide into the envelope easily.

* For more instructions on making your own liner, check out this guide from Martha Stewart.

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August 28, 2008   1 Comment

DIY Fan Programs

I’m all for items that do double-duty and I think this is one smart idea especially for summer and destination weddings. Fans were a must at our ceremony site (no air-conditioning in 90 degree weather anyone?) and I would have loved to have these. Alas, we simply ran out of time and ended up with palm fans and separate program booklets. But if you can still plan for these in advance, Knottie Aylee has the complete how-to guide, including a customizable template you can download here.

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August 27, 2008   6 Comments