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Claim Your Cash

I first stumbled across this tip from Penny Lane’s blog and I just had to share. With all that’s going on with the economy lately, this may be the best “freebie” yet.

Hop over to MissingMoney.org and start your free governmental search for money that might be due you. It’s the only official national database endorsed by NAUPA. Just fill out your name, state, ZIP, etc. and the site automatically searches over 40 states.

According to the Today Show feature— the average claim is from $800-$1,000 and one in eight Americans has some missing money to claim. The HI: I did find some. The LO: It’s for family, not for me. 😕 Now give it a shot and see if you’re among the lucky ones. Happy weekend!

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1 Penny Lane Designs { 11.05.08 at 7:04 pm }

Thanks for the credit! :) Your site is really awesome! I was a big “do it yourself”er on my own wedding. My mom and I had so much fun with all the small details- and I think doing it yourself is what makes it more fun!