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DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kits

No matter how much we prepare, we all know at the back of our minds that wedding day emergencies can happen. Mascara can run, lipstick can smear, noses become shiny, tummies can get unsettled, and the list goes on. Here comes emergency kits to the rescue! Download and print the complete Kit for the Bride, along with the Kit for the Groom (yes, they have emergencies too!), courtesy of WhatHappensNow.

Basic items include:

  • Tissues, Q-tips, oil blotting paper (I prefer the blue film ones over the paper kind), Band-aids;
  • Pressed powder, lipstick, blush, mirror and comb;
  • Tylenol, Tums, smelling salts, Claritin;
  • Double-sided tape, safety pins, hairpins;
  • Mints, candy, or any kind of sustenance (like crackers), and bottled water.

Whether you do just the basics or go the whole hog, it would be a good idea to prepare all these things ahead of time. Try to endorse your kits to your Day-of Coordinator or your Maid of Honor well before the big day and make sure they don’t forget to bring them. 😉

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1 Bridechka { 10.23.08 at 2:34 pm }

One more thing to add to the bridal emergency kit: chalk.

It sounds weird but trust me it will be super duper helpful if you should (gasp!) stain your dress on the day-of…during pictures or any of the other pre-wedding activities. Instead of trying to wash it which will leave a wet mark, or using one of those pens/wipes with cleaner inside of it, which has been known to ruin some fabrics, just use a little piece of chalk as if it were white-out and the stain will be a thing of the past.

I have brought a little piece of chalk with me to every wedding that I have been to and I am not exaggerating: I have used it everytime to the great shock and joy of the brides.

2 Mandy { 10.26.08 at 8:49 am }

Thanks, Bridechka for that chalk tip! :)