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DIY Wedding: Catherine & Hans (Part 1)


This is an absolutely gorgeous, absolutely DIY wedding! I couldn’t be more thrilled when our groom Hans emailed us to share details of their truly beautiful affair held in Seattle last March.  They had a piano player and typewriter theme and the details are just amazing!   It’s not just the beauty of this wedding that bowled me over, it is that they did everything themselves– including the invitations, the bride’s dress (!), favors, etc.  You can easily see a couple that took great pride in making their day absolutely beautiful, and all their own!

Now, let’s hear more of the behind-the-scenes, straight from our DIY rockstar groom himself…


Decor. The tables were dressed with a typewriter on one end of the table, with a player piano roll fed through them, and the roll ran the length of the table as runners. We had vintage candelabras and drippy candles mixed with blue glass mason/ball jars and white lillies everywhere.


The suitcase card box was just an old family army uniform that we wallpapered in maps and glued handcut letters to. The guest book was a player piano roll in a typewriter.



Wedding Dress. Her wedding dress was sewn by me as well. It was inspired by a Luly Yang bubble hem dress, that we couldn’t afford, and didn’t totally like the cut of.  She needed something that covered her shoulders. I found a pattern that i based the top off of, but the bottom of the dress is 100% my design and doing, everything from the bust down.


Her headband is handsewn by me.


Favors. The favors/ placecards/ menu choice was my design too. If you look closely you’ll notice our names and wedding date are in each symbol. The symbols went on top of honey jars, that served as the favor, and also the placecard, and lastly, the guests’ food choice.


They were printed up on some tan stock and hand torn by my wife to fit the jar tops, and then tied with jute twine.





The Bottomline. It took about 3 months and $8,000 for the entire wedding, that’s including the three course meal for 50 guests, which cost around $3500… so we did it all on a tight budget.


Stay tuned. Part 2 coming right up!  And it’s all about the invitations!

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1 Kathleen at Twig and Thistle { 05.15.09 at 4:56 pm }

Umm… WOW! This is absolutely amazing! The couple is so adorable I want to put them on top of a cupcake and eat them!!! I adore that everything has been made by them and the details truly set this apart from other events. Great job to the couple and congratulations!

2 Sarah { 05.15.09 at 9:22 pm }

What a beautiful wedding! All the details are simply precious, especially those invitations. And it’s wonderful to see a groom taking a significant role in designing the wedding (that dress, wow!). They’re a lovely couple and their wedding looks wonderful with lots of personality and style.

3 Nicole { 05.15.09 at 10:33 pm }

Wow… I’m in shock and awe… this couple is amazing!!! I can’t believe how involved he was in the wedding, and what attention to detail! I’m jealous!!

4 Esther { 05.16.09 at 7:31 am }

“Absolutely amazing!!” was what I said when I saw the photos and this is the first time I’ve ever commented on a blog post. I agree with Sarah- it’s nice to see a groom thoroughly involved with the design of the wedding. The little details are exceptional (vintage typewriters + piano rolls, the symbols). Congratulations to Catherine and Hans on a beautiful wedding!

5 Down Comforter { 05.17.09 at 8:01 pm }

I just love her dress!!! The short length is really fresh & fun.

6 Tiki { 05.17.09 at 9:11 pm }

Your are freakin awesome man!!!!

7 Bridechka { 05.17.09 at 9:14 pm }

Wow .. there are no words for the awesomeness.

8 joanna goddard { 05.18.09 at 11:55 am }

the dress is STUNNING! what a gorgeous couple :)

9 Pete { 05.18.09 at 3:42 pm }

Wow, now you make the rest of us guys look bad! haha well way to go anyway!

10 Anna { 05.18.09 at 4:03 pm }

Oh man, can someone please please please tell me where those shoes are from. I AM DYING!!!!

11 Lilianne { 05.18.09 at 5:48 pm }

@Anna – Giuseppe Zanotti

12 Miss B. { 05.19.09 at 12:13 am }

I love beyond words. Details and love and creativity and sigh….That dress is so, so, so perf!

13 Crystal { 05.19.09 at 6:23 pm }

Love the dress…love the shoes…love this wedding!

14 Emily { 05.20.09 at 8:16 pm }

this looks like the perfect couple. I hope I can find a husband like that ( and especially with that amazing hair lol) you don’t find guys like that much anymore. and the bride is beautiful!
I also agree with the shoe comment.

15 Betty { 10.15.09 at 5:39 pm }

How can I get the pattern for this dress!? Its stunning!!! :)
Gorgeous wedding!!

16 Amy { 11.30.09 at 4:20 pm }

I, too, am very interested in what pattern he used for the top of the dress. It is absolutely wonderful. I’m totally amazed that he did the dress on his own.

17 Dani { 02.13.12 at 10:26 pm }

Do they make those shoes anymore? I would love to have them as my “something blue”.

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