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Hello Again.

Sorry I’ve been MIA!

Yeah, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger.

My life has been a little (okay A LOT) hectic lately.  There’s been so much going on… so many happy things :)


Yup, that’s right. We have a li’l bun coming this Summer! This is our first and needless to say, we’re over the moon!

To those of you who’ve been wondering where I am, fear not! I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth :)  Thank you so much for your care and concern. You guys are the sweetest!  The amount of wonderful comments and emails I’ve received has been astounding and meant so much to me.  You have all been amazing.

I feel soooo guilty for disappearing but I really had to take a little blogging break because the internetz is not necessarily your friend when you’re pregnant, hormonal, and are facing overwhelming (at times, a bit scary) stuff. I’m 16 weeks along and I’m so glad the first trimester is now behind me.  It wasn’t a pleasant one for me.  24 more weeks to go, folks. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

OK so this is my official welcome back post. I look forward to starting again soon!

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1 Nicole-Lynn { 02.24.10 at 5:07 pm }

Congratulations! That is wonderful news! I have been stalking your blog wondering where you were! :) I pray you have a healthy pregnancy!

2 jomygoodness { 02.24.10 at 5:58 pm }

Congratulations! I was wondering where you’ve been! Such great news!

3 Teresa { 02.25.10 at 10:44 am }

Congrats! Such an exciting time, suck up every moment, it flies! :) You were definitely missed in “blog land” but it’s all about priorities, all the best!

4 Natasha { 02.25.10 at 2:15 pm }


5 Evelyn { 02.25.10 at 5:36 pm }

OMG congratulations! I don’t have any idea how I missed this until now. So sorry for the delay in wishing you my very best! Can’t wait to hear updates :)

6 julie @ duet letterpress { 02.26.10 at 9:52 am }

congratulations!!! you’ve definitely been missed :] sorry to hear that the beginning of your pregnancy was so rough [i’m due in may and had a rough start too!]. here’s hoping that the remainder is smooth + enjoyable for you!

7 B { 02.26.10 at 11:08 pm }


8 Deb D { 02.27.10 at 3:22 am }

Oooh, congratulations! I’ve been behind on my blog reading, so only just saw your post. Hugs and all the best for a good rest of your pregnancy and labour.

9 Stefani { 03.03.10 at 2:20 am }

Congratulations! I was wondering where you were and glad to hear you were missing for a very good reason. Today we added a little bundle of our own. We adopted a little boy 2 years old. He is our second, and completes our family very nicely.

10 Tina { 03.15.10 at 9:59 pm }

Aww congratulations!

11 Kasun { 06.13.15 at 1:11 am }

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