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DIY Wedding: Lauren and Andrew


I knooow. My eyes popped too when I first saw their planters’ wheel invites. Charming, clever, one-of-a-kind, letterpress and yes, D-I-Y.  Can you believe it?   So much real wedding inspiration from our awesome couple today so sit back, relax and read on.

Invitations. This is the pride and joy of our DIY wedding efforts. We created these chipboard invitation wheels to give guests a creative way to get all their information in an heirloom keepsake format. They are made from two circles of untreated, recycled chipboard diecut and letterpressed to look like an old planting wheel with redwood rings on it.

We decided to do almost everything ourselves (minus the cooking and the flowers, which was all local and in season). With a little help from our friends and family we managed to have a really personal and meaningful wedding that everyone enjoyed and that didn’t cost a fortune.


Decor. We didn’t have to do much decorating since the entire setting, both inside and out was gorgeous to begin with. We just strung some paper lanterns around the room and put Xmas lights and LED votives around the porch.


Our friends were awesome in helping us pull off this wedding. They DJ’ed, tended bar, brought and ran the sound equipment, provided cookies, guarded the rings, ushered, led the tour bus to the wedding and, of course, decorated the room. We have the best friends EVER.


Ceremony. Didn’t I tell you it was a gorgeous setting? You save a lot of time and money on decorations when nature does the job for you. I always wanted to get married in a redwood cathedral and I got my wish!  It was amazing.


There was also a beautiful koi pond next to the ceremony site. Our wedding party walked through here along the paths rather than entering through the aisle as is traditional.


Wool Chuppah. This freaking gorgeous wool chuppah was designed and hand-sewn by my mother. Isn’t she amazing?! And my Dad offered to carve me some small wooden birds for my hair but they would have been too heavy so he made us menorah instead. I guess I know where I got my crafty genes!


Ketubah. I really wanted a painted papercut ketubah but we couldn’t afford to have any of the artists I admire make one for us, so we ordered this blank lasercut one from Israel and had a calligrapher fill it in with our chosen text afterward. I just printed it out on nice paper from the Internet and sandwiched it into the frame on the actual day. I drew in the places for signatures myself with an archival pen so it could get signed before the wedding.


Wedding Dress. I worked with a dressmaker to make a 40s-style goddess dress I designed for my wedding. She did a great job with the fit and construction and came up with the awesome knot in the back. It cost less than half of the typical off-the-rack dress and I got a one-of-kind gown that was literally made for me!


Place Cards. I rented a mitre saw and cut these disks from a eucalyptus branch one of the park landscapers gave me. I printed the names onto clear label sheets and then cut them into circles before sticking them to the wood. Our florist gave us a moss-lined tray to display them.


Guestbook. We had pages with several prompts to help guests with what to write (or draw), which we put out with lots of colored markers. We asked things like. “what advice would you give to new couple?” and “what was your favorite memory from today?”


“California Disaster” Table Sculptures. My husband is an artist, and one of the things he makes are tiny HO Scale disaster sculptures. We thought it would be funny if each table was represented by a typical California disaster rather than a boring old number. This is the sinkhole table but we also had things like “Wildfire,” “Tidal Wave” and “Mountain Lion.”


Recipe Book Favors. We put together a family recipe binder (presented by my gorgeous sister). I ordered the binders wholesale then had 4×6 cards printed and punched with recipes the guests had submitted with their reply cards. We also sent these to guests who couldn’t make it out to Cali. I tried to silkscreen the covers, but it was impossible without breaking them so I printed labels instead.


Thanks so much Lauren for sharing all the DIY awesomeness with us!

Got DIY’s to share? Email us!

May 27, 2009   27 Comments

Mom’s Fruit & Nut Centerpieces

Fruits and nuts are a very luscious way of decorating your dessert table. Indeed, incorporating the hues of fall using fruits that are available this season makes for a very autumn-inspired wedding!

I dug up some of my mom’s pictures from her table arrangements and also asked her the quickest and most economical way of creating a simple fruit and nut centerpiece that would go with your dessert or buffet spreads.

Fruit Basket

You need: A three-tiered wire basket; fruits (apples, pears, grapes, pomegranates, oranges); nuts; dried moss; dried leaves (maple, oak, beech, ash, eucalyptus as shown) and dried blooms.

How-to: Create a bed of moss, and alternately layer the fruits and nuts, then decorate with your dried leaves and blooms.

Fruit Topiary

You need: Pears or kumquats; ivy leaves; moss; large dessert glasses; toothpicks; and floral foam.

How-to: Cut your foam into the shape of your dessert glass, leaving a rounded top. Wrap the foam with moss. Stick the fruits into the foam using toothpick at the bottom of each fruit, arranging them starting from the bottom working your way to the top and avoiding gaps as much as possible. Add the ivy leaves.

So there you go folks, bountiful centerpieces that will have dual purpose on your wedding day!

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October 13, 2008   1 Comment