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Spool’s Bird Softies

Ok, this is not bird overload, but we really do love birds here.  So here’s another fun DIY for a bird-themed wedding, especially if those lovely Anne Woods’ birdies are a budget no-go.  The people from Spool created this PDF pattern that you could download for free. Instructions for sewing are also included.

I think these would be great as caketoppers or even as additional reception decor (hang mobiles, use in centerpieces, use some more, or simply scatter ’round tables).  The fact that you can still use them after the wedding is even better. For more ideas, click over to the Spool Birdies Flickr Pool and see what other peeps have created.

November 19, 2008   30 Comments

A Scent To Remember

One of the things you may want to consider in your planning is a wedding scent. Smell, being the sense that most evokes memories and feelings, truly has a great deal of influence to make a person remember special moments.  Here’s sharing some tips when choosing a new scent to wear for your big day:

  • Match your fragrance to the time of your event (whether you’re having a morning, afternoon, or evening affair) as well as to the season of the year (perfumes react to the environment and will behave differently according to the time of year).
  • When you go scent shopping, take a whiff off 3-4 scents at a time. This way you’d be able to smell the succeeding scents accurately. You can also try to smell some coffee to shake off the perfume-y scents in between testings.
  • Keep in mind that a scent has a top note, mid, and base notes. It would be a good idea to smell the perfume when it is sprayed, then a few minutes after, then half an hour or so later.
  • Consider that your bouquet may also give off some fragrance. You don’t want your flowers and perfume to compete or you might end up with a dizzy spell from heady scents.

For my wedding, I chose (quite aptly) Le Mariage by Givenchy. I still have that bottle to this day, and use it for special occasions. The first time I wore it after the wedding,  I asked the hubby if he recognized the scent and his smile just said it all :-)

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November 18, 2008   2 Comments

DIY Wish Tree

If you’re using a Wish Tree in lieu of the traditional guest book, here’s the deets on how to make your own courtesy of Here Comes The Guide. You could cut down on floral costs and still wow guests with this shining, shimmering, splendid centerpiece by your reception entrance. Be sure to keep an eye out for garlands and ornaments from post-holidays clearances!

{ via Kat }

November 10, 2008   1 Comment

Tutorial: Eco-chic Chandelier

Planning an outdoor wedding or dinner party? Here’s a simple DIY garden chandelier tutorial from Ecologue. What a great way to reuse those little glass jars you may already have at home!

What you need: a circular gridded cooling rack (just reuse if you have an old one); some wire; some beaded chain; one big S hook; and a dozen or so little ones.

Watch the video here or download the PDF guide here.

October 30, 2008   10 Comments

Free Templates From PashWeddings

Have you guys seen the FREE wedding ensemble templates at PashWeddings lately? Last I checked, they only had the beach template. Now they have a slew of nice designs out– from save-the-dates, invitation suites, to placecards/escort cards, table numbers, program covers, menu cards, etc.

Special instructions, including fonts and card sizes used, have all been provided. The best part? They’re in MS Word (cue burst of golden light and singing choir!). You must be a registered member of the Pash Wedding Forums to download the templates. It’s free so sign up now!

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October 29, 2008   1 Comment