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How Sweet It Is

As a rule, I don’t post on weekends but I’m gonna have to take an exception for this special request from ‘one very proud husband-for-one-year’ all the way from sunny Cape Town in South Africa.

Sunday, June 6, marks Andrew and Mariah’s 1st wedding anniversary.

andrew mariah wedding

As a surprise gift to his wife who recently started this wonderful new blog,  Andrew asked Mariah’s favorite bloggers to give her a little shoutout ‘as it would mean so much to her and that means a lot to me.’ Altogether now, Awww! I mean, c’mon, how can you possibly say no to that?  So to Andrew and Mariah, all our best wishes to you guys on your first anniversary!  And Mariah, looking forward to more of ‘size too small’ loveliness! ~xoxo

devries portrait

June 6, 2010   81 Comments

Happy Easter + Vintage Printables!

vintage printable eggs

Looking forward to an egg-citing weekend! My obsession du jour is none other than eggs, eggs, eggs. I’m actually devouring a pack of Cadbury mini eggs as I type this, hehe.  Here’s wishing you all a Happy Easter!

Oh and those vintage egg lovelies?  I got them here for FREE!  Head over to Vintage Printable and see!  They have a HUGE collection of free downloadable, high-resolution, out-of-copyright  images of vintage prints.  Mostly scientific and Natural History-related such as botanicals, birds, animals, butterflies, shells, art prints, etc.  Perfect for printing and framing (I’m dying to do these!), or using in your craft projects for Easter, your vintage-themed wedding, and more.  Enjoy!

April 2, 2010   5 Comments

Hang Out The Bunting!

bunting photoshop brush

I just feel in heaven, really.  A blue heaven!  Our own little boy, can you believe it??  Thank you everyone for chiming in earlier. You guys are too sweet!  And since we’re all about celebrations here at iDiY,  what could feel more fun and sweet and celebratory than bunting flags?  Here’s some wonderful bunting freebies for y’all!

nonpareil haley-bunting 3

nonpareil bunting-invites


As always, please respect the Terms of Use for the downloads. Thanks!

March 30, 2010   12 Comments

Take Your Pick!

Okay, enough black & whites…for now.  Let’s try to bring back some color ’round here shall we? It’s Springtime and it’s our birthday weekend (mine and the hubby’s!) after all.  So while we head out for some cheer and good fun-in-the-sun, anyone care to guess our little one’s gender?  Who’s team pink and who’s team blue? Let’s hear it!


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March 26, 2010   30 Comments

Hello Again.

Sorry I’ve been MIA!

Yeah, I know. I’ve been a bad blogger.

My life has been a little (okay A LOT) hectic lately.  There’s been so much going on… so many happy things :)


Yup, that’s right. We have a li’l bun coming this Summer! This is our first and needless to say, we’re over the moon!

To those of you who’ve been wondering where I am, fear not! I’ve not fallen off the face of the earth :)  Thank you so much for your care and concern. You guys are the sweetest!  The amount of wonderful comments and emails I’ve received has been astounding and meant so much to me.  You have all been amazing.

I feel soooo guilty for disappearing but I really had to take a little blogging break because the internetz is not necessarily your friend when you’re pregnant, hormonal, and are facing overwhelming (at times, a bit scary) stuff. I’m 16 weeks along and I’m so glad the first trimester is now behind me.  It wasn’t a pleasant one for me.  24 more weeks to go, folks. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

OK so this is my official welcome back post. I look forward to starting again soon!

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February 22, 2010   62 Comments