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Japanese Masking Tape Craftiness: Part 3

I’m on a roll! 😛  If you’ve just joined us, I’m having a small washi tape obsession at the moment kids…

Handmade Origami notecard by Origamisan
(using washi tape for the borders and the cutout hearts )

japanese tape flickr 4b rednmercedes

Colorful collage of patterns from Origamisan
(the sky is the limit for combos it seems!)

japanese tape flickr 5

Boxing and ribbon ideas
from the MT Gallery

japanese tape mt 7

Washi tape + Doily/Kraft paper+ Baker’s twine  = ♥
via Carina’s Craftblog

japanese tape carinascrafblog_wrapped01-736777

Taped cans from PicnicBlog

japanese tape flickr 6

Taped shipping tags!
Photo by Haystack Needle; From a NY Gift Show booth display
(for arranging your escort cards or for your favor tags perhaps?)

japanese tape tags_haystackneedle

Cupcake flags as seen here

japanese tape nothing elegant etsy

Next up, the last installment…

See also: Part 1 / Part 2

March 4, 2010   17 Comments

Japanese Masking Tape Craftiness: Part 2

As promised, here’s more crafty washi tape goodness.  Have fun and let your imagination run free!

japanese tape garland project wedding frolic

Garland and little flags for place settings
from Project Wedding

japanese tape 2 projectwedding

Glass bottle or vase wraps via Flickr 1 / 2

japanese tape flickr 2

Love the criss-crossing of tape patterns!

japanese tape flickr 3 rednmercedes

DIY borders for frames
from Decor8

japanese tape decor8 3

japanese tape decor8 2

Pretty packaging with glassine
via Happy Tape

japanese tape satsumapress glassine_1

Business cards from Mint
(also a neat idea for your place cards/escort cards and gift tags)

japanese tape mint business cards

DIY magnetic note holders (with tutorial)
by Whisker Graphics

japanese tape clothespin whisker graphics

Taped jar lids by Kelly Wilkinson;
DIY instructions over at Hearthandmade Blog

japanese tape_HappyJars_makegrowgather

* * *

And for the hardcore collectors, thought you might also drool enjoy seeing this.  It’s okay. You can thank me later, he he.

See also: Part 1
More goodies coming…

March 3, 2010   15 Comments

Japanese Masking Tape Craftiness: Part 1

Aaand my Japanese masking tape obsession continues!  If you have been visiting us for a while now, you know my love of yummy washi paper tapes in all sorts of beautiful colors and patterns.

japanese tape flickr1

{ image source }

I blogged about them a while back and have since then taken note of the endless creative ideas and variety of uses (even if you’re not getting married!) around blogland. Boy-oh-boy, do I have a list for you, my dears!  From decorating boxes, packaging  and invites — inspiration abounds. Here is 1 of 4 installments.  Enjoy!

Packaging and label ideas
From Nothing Elegant on Etsy

japanese tape_nothing elegant etsy

From Zakka Life

japanese tape zakkalife3

Vintage postcard place cards from Project Wedding

japanese tape project wedding place cards

Stay tuned for Part 2!

March 2, 2010   25 Comments

“Kiss Me And Carry On”

free printable cards

I know it’s already past Valentine’s, but I thought I’d share anyways. After all, these darling notecards would be just as sweet any time of the year. So for my sweetie and for yours, enjoy this ♥ freebie goodness ♥ courtesy of  74 Lime Lane.

March 1, 2010   8 Comments

Feeling Lacy

Ahh, nothing like some lace and doily pretties to lift the spirits on this deep snowy winter day.

lace flickr

Doily garland lights via Tumblr

Lace Votive MS

DIY lacy votive holder tute from The Martha


lace Straws2

Sweet Straws from A Field Journal

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February 26, 2010   21 Comments